• Madman Productions

What is Madman Productions?

Madman Productions coordinates concerts in over 50 US cities. Our artist development programs gives local bands the tools to become National Acts.

Ready to grow and work hard? We will give you the opportunity to play some of the best shows that you’ve ever played. Our showcases draw between 200-300 people, our festivals and touring national acts attracting 500+ people.

Playing in a Madman show will give you the chance to get to know our experienced staff while we get to know your band. This gives us the opportunity to align our goals and see how Madman can help your band grow. Whether it’s to become a successful touring band or just to play a quality show, fill out our contact form today!

Bryan Pauley, owner of Madman Productions, has been active in the music industry for 8 years. In this time he has assumed the role of promoter, booking agent, talent buyer, manager, producer, and performer. He has established business relationships with major record labels, booking agencies, and venues.

If you want to learn more about the music business, play on amazing shows, and have an awesome time working with our agents then go to madman-productions.com/booking/ and sign on with us today!